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Wild Blueberry

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Use 2gr/1 tea spoon of TeaShopYYC

Tea per 150ml of water.


Black Tea: 210°F / 99°C

Green Tea: 160°F / 71°C

Oolong Tea: 180°F / 82°C

White Tea: 180°F / 82°C

Herbal Tea: 210°F / 99°

Brew time

Black Tea: 2-4 minutes

Green Tea: 1-3 minutes

Oolong Tea: 1-5 minutes

White Tea: 1-3 minutes

Herbal Tea: 4-8 minutes


Tea can be served hot or iced and with your favourite adult beverage.

Saucy Details

A gorgeous blend that reminds of blueberry bubblegum. It’s sweet, floral and fragrant without any artificial sugary flavours. Enjoy this without any guilt. having This is an Orange Pekoe grade of tea harvested from the high regions of Sri Lanka  and blended with natural blueberry flavour. The best way to describe this tea is "juicy"

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