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Iron Goddess of Mercy Ti Kuan Yin

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Use 2gr/1 tea spoon of TeaShopYYC

Tea per 150ml of water.


Black Tea: 210°F / 99°C

Green Tea: 160°F / 71°C

Oolong Tea: 180°F / 82°C

White Tea: 180°F / 82°C

Herbal Tea: 210°F / 99°

Brew time

Black Tea: 2-4 minutes

Green Tea: 1-3 minutes

Oolong Tea: 1-5 minutes

White Tea: 1-3 minutes

Herbal Tea: 4-8 minutes


Tea can be served hot or iced and with your favourite adult beverage.

Saucy Details

Tasting Notes: Orchid, Floral, Grass

A distinctive light green cup tea that has hints of orchid-like flavour. Excellent for quiet moments, or for stressful term papers due the next day.

Caffeine Level: Low

Ingredients: Oolong Tea

Region: Fujian Province, China

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