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That's the Tea

Every Day Teaware

Tea Brew Packet (100 Pack)

Tea Bag... yourself? These Tea bags made from compostable paper! If you love tea from a bag, why not do it yourself? When you're...
Every Day Teaware New
Everyday Teaware

Tea Measure

Spoon With me? Meet the perfect double-ender. With a measure for a Pot of Tea (480ML), and a Cup of Tea (150ML). You will...
Every Day Teaware
Everyday Teaware

Pincher Spoon

Pinch me, this spoon is perfect for everything! The Pincher spoon perfectly grabs a delightful amount of tea and holds it tightly so it...
Every Day Teaware

Kyoto Strainer

Tea Traditions Baby! This Strainer has a beautiful wood handle and metal mesh strainer that makes a perfect cup of tea.
Every Day Teaware Kyoto New
Everyday Teaware

Go Mug Yourself

15oz ceramic mug, dishwasher and microwave safe.Each mug is made individually, some slight differences are to be expected.
Every Day Teaware Go Mug Yourself Locally Made <3 Tea Shop YYC Merch

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